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The alternative to dry cleaning

We provide modern, professional and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning that can take care of delicate fabrics that a dry cleaning machine cant, enabling your favourite items to look fresh and last longer.

Wet Cleaning is a process that enables professional cleaners to safely handle ‘Dry Clean Only’ items, without them coming in to contact with any dry cleaning chemicals and neurotoxins, such as perchloroethylene. By using water and a special biodegradable detergent, your clothes will stay softer for longer and will be much better for your skin, as well as the environment.

By controlling a range of factors, such as detergent dosing levels, drum rotation rhythms and temperature to a high degree of accuracy, your clothes are safely cleaned, without any chemical smells. Utilising a high extraction cycle, the majority of any moisture remaining is removed from your garments. Finished with an optimised spin cycle that measures the amount of residual moisture, your clothes are protected from over drying, whilst saving energy.

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